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Because of the change in directions of Polish politics, we think that we must add our twopenn’orth.

Through Lem it’s closer to Orwell, and besides in the coming times it will be good to take a refreshing excursion in the cosmos. For health of mind.

Because of that already on 12th December 2015 we would like to propose for you our new disk titled “Niezwyciężony” (Invincible) with music to the audio play Niezwyciężony, based on the novel written by Lem, a Polish Jew, the whizz-kid from pre-war Lwów, who became famous writing books about the Cosmos, and not only because of that.

The disks can be bought at myshitinyourcoffee.com >> and during the concerts, which will take place at:

12 XII - Gdańsk B90
13 XII - Łódź Żarty Żartami
15 XII - Poznań Dragon
16 XII - Warszawa Bar Studio
17 XII - Kraków Piękny Pies
18 XII - Lublin Warsztaty Kultury

During the concerts we will play the music from the Niezwyciężony play.
Guest Robert Derlatka (Oranżada, Muchomory, Niewolnicy Saturna) – special effects in echo.
In each of the towns we will be supported by a soprano singer.

Please come.

older news

ś c i a n k a / / / Blue-Grey Mate

Dear beloved, spring is all around, but spring will be gone soon, so listen to our April track from the new record that has been coming for a few years now.

For your well-being and for joyous strolls in the green

ś c i a n k a / / / Come November
November is over, but December has only begun. In any case, it has not snowed yet, so it's the last moment to publish the title track of our upcoming record. We politely apologize for the delay with the release. But fear not, for the work is in progress.

ś c i a n k a / / / Competition
Ścianka and Creative Music announce a contest for the best remix of "Shifting the Night for Tomorrow" - their newest track. This song, together with other unreleased tracks and Your best remixes, will be featured on the band's EP promoting the latest album, which is to be released in Autumn, 2011.

The final selection shall be conducted under the supervision of the jury consisting of Maciej Cieslak, Arkadiusz Kowalczyk and Michal Biela. The EP is to be released in June, 2011.

The competition's conditions regulating the terms of participation, procedures and deadlines can be found on the band's Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/thescianka

"Shifting the Night for Tomorrow" can be found here for your listening pleasure: http://soundcloud.com/creative-music-1/shifting-the-night-for

ś c i a n k a / / / O n T o u r
Ścianka has returned to playing regular live shows and is currently preparing a new album. It’s release is set for September 2011. The band is again in top form - during their February shows they played absolutely new and previously unreleased material, which received an exceptionally warm feedback from their fans. Their upcoming tour is scheduled for the summertime /July - September 2011/
- - - >>>

ś c i a n k a / / / N e w A l b u m
These news will undoubtedly electrify the fans of the band:
Around September/October 2011 Ścianka is about to release a new album! Everything is set. The only problem is huge musical overproduction. There is so much new material, that Maciek Cieślak, Michał Biela and Arkadiusz Kowalczyk are facing a huge challenge. The decision which tracks to select, and why, will be made shortly. In June 2011 you can expect the release of an EP promoting the new material. - - - >>


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